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Filling Foods for Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Satisfy Hunger & Enhance That Boring Diet

Almost all fat reduction plans require tweaking in order to better suit your personal needs and schedule.

Many dieters have difficulty in finding that perfect plan for ridding unwanted pounds. Either it doesn't fit into their busy schedule, or it's mined with exercise that leaves them feeling worse than before they started their adventure.

The result is often a failed plan.

If this sounds familiar, keep in mind that when the situation involves losing fat - there is nothing set in stone. It's totally a-okay to do a bit of tweaking.

If you don't like the ingredients within a certain recipe, then try using the vegetables, meats, grains, dairy selections or fruits that you do enjoy which will compliment the recipe.

For example, Jill isn't fond of cantaloupe and her plan recommends such for snack time. However, she adores a good watermelon. Jill should enjoy watermelon in place of the cantaloupe.

The same thing applies to salad choices. She can't tolerate the taste of baby spinach which is the recommendation in the recipe, so settling for her favorite romaine lettuce is a great solution.

Eating Fiber Rich & Protein Rich Foods for Weight Loss

Fuel is energy and when it's dolled out in skimpy amounts, the body will suffer by experiencing bouts of weakness. In turn, this leads to mental stress which in turn leads to the need in finding comfort.

For those dealing with an eating addiction, this generally leads to finding such in favorite foods and drinks.

Therefore, there is a huge significance that should be placed on inserting foods that are rich sources of protein and fiber because these sources can assist in quelling appetite.

Rather than reaching for five sticks of regular gum throughout your day, reach for a small boiled egg instead; the caloric values are virtually identical while the nutritional composite couldn't be more diverse in comparison.

Eggs contain a significant amount of protein grams to keep hunger away.

Rather than munching on a couple of rice cakes, reach for a 1/2 cup serving of Navy beans.

The caloric values mirror one another but the beans are mined with dietary fiber and protein grams, both of which will keep you feeling satisfied until your next full-course meal arrives.

The Skimpy Meal Plate

If you find that your meal is too restrictive on caloric content, then add a few more. Remember to seek foods as well as beverages that offer fiber and bulk as well as protein-rich foods which will help you feel full longer.

Building an Eating Plan Containing Filling Foods

Lean Proteins

Lean meats - including dried varieties of jerky are a great choice for protein while keeping caloric values minimal.

Sweet potatoes offer bulk and are filling for a little over 100 calories.

Acorn squash will also help in keeping you feeling full. Both the sweet potato and squash contain a substantial amount of dietary fiber.

Legumes, Beans, Oats, Nuts & Eggs - Satisfying, Filling Foods That Are Healthy

Other foods which are very filling include beans of all varieties (excluding green and wax beans), jerky, oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits, peanut and other nut butters, and scrambled eggs.

Soup & Salad to Fill the Belly

Also, try adding a serving of soup or a nice side salad to enjoy with your meal. You're likely to eat less and the soup and salad contain less calories in general than the main course.

Trimming Back on Exercise

If too much exercise in your diet plan has you thinking about quitting your diet, cut back a bit on the exercise. Although the pounds may not come off as swiftly, the important thing is that they will eventually.

All Foods Were Not Created Equal

Keep in mind that even if you build your meal plates and snack times based on the official American Food Pyramid, the foods and beverages found within each group are not equal when it comes to serving sizes or caloric content.

Natural Food Values Differ

For example, let's examine natural foods. Both sweet yellow corn and snap green beans are located in the Vegetable Group.

While the serving size recommended for corn equals 1 cup and contains 125 kcals, the same serving size for the beans contains about 40 calories.

The corn contains more than three times the caloric values. Both make excellent selections for the meal plate; both are very good when it comes to health.

Body Weight Reflected by the Balance of Energy Intake-Expenditure

This element makes obtaining and maintaining one's recommended weight quite challenging.

While the pyramid provides recommendations as to number of servings, it's up to the individual to ensure that the caloric values work towards supporting their ideal weight; too many kcals (energy) equals a high in the bathroom scales. Therefore, choose wisely.


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