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Our Free 'Moon Over Sea' Diet Planner

Ready to dip into the Diet Sea of Healthy Goodness? Good - grab your life jacket and let's dive into Moon Over Sea - our nautical diet planner.

It's fun to sail in the seas of Diet Success! We've got a life raft, so no fear of sinking!

And as always recommended before going on any plan for losing pounds, be sure to get your doctor's input and approval.

The Healthy Menus

Breakfast Menu

Tropical Banana Shake - pour 1 cup of skim or low fat milk into a blender. Add 3 cubes of ice and 1/2 ripened small banana. Next, toss in about 3 packets of Splenda (or a sugar free substitute). Add a good dash of rum or vanilla extract. Whirl until shake is thick. About 120 calories.

Enjoy with a small fruit tray consisting of a mix of the following: 2 dates (about 50 calories) , the other 1/2 of banana (40 calories), 1/2 average-sized mango (about 60 calories), 1/2 small papaya (about 60 calories).

Mid Morning Snack

Moon Over Sea Diet Tea - 1 cup of boiling water plus 1 tea bag. Allow to steep for no longer than 5 minutes. Remove tea bag. Add 1/2 teaspoon of rum extract, packets of Splenda/Equal to taste. Add one DASH of nutmeg. Go extremely easy on the nutmeg as too much can make you ill. Enjoy one biscuit and one kiwi with your tea. About 150 calories.

Lunch Meal Plate

The Big Tuna Salad - 3 ounces of drained tuna, 1/2 pickle chopped, 1 teaspoon onion chopped, 1 ounce of skim or low fat-milk based cheese, 1 cup of chopped lettuce, 1 small tomato chopped, 1 Tablespoon of light Mayo or light Miracle Whip, a dash of sea salt and pepper to taste.

Add a bit of chopped celery OR a dash of celery salt if desired. Spoon into a bed of lettuce. Top with one sliced boiled egg. About 380 calories.


Rub one small potato with sea salt, wrap in foil and bake until done. Serve with no calorie butter spray, salt, pepper, bacon bits and a teaspoon of sour cream. About 150 calories.

Add one small roll or slice of wheat bread. About 60 calories.

Add 1 cup of cubed pineapple for dessert for about 75 calories, as well as a 2 inch by 2 inch by 1/2 inch piece of fresh coconut meat for about 80 calories.

Dinner Plan

2 cups of mixed veggies boiled or roasted, then drained. Add salt, pepper and no calorie butter. 3 ounces of salmon, broiled or grilled and seasoned with sea salt and lemon pepper. Add one slice of wheat bread. About 200 calories.

Dessert: 1 cup of strawberries served with a single-serving container of low fat, sugar free yogurt. About 125 calories.

Bedtime Snack

1 cup of skim or low fat milk. About 80 calories.

Total calories: About 1,550. That's a lot of food for few calories!

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