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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Is Choosing a Good Diet Plan Enough?

Although an individual seeking to lose pounds can do very well in picking the best diet that closely meets their dietary needs, as well as their emotional needs amid the process, the 'perfect diet' doesn't exist.

"Best" is as good as the dieter can do - or expect.

Once the dieter has chosen a plan, the next step is to brand the diet. In other words, to make it their own - to personalize, to sharpen, hone, polish the little bugger as intricately as possible because that in turn, renders success.

Making Your Plan Your Own, Simplifying Weight Loss

Think about a set of shelves that are standing before us.

First, we'll need to assemble the shelves - and lucky for us we have chosen a set that are very uncomplicated to put together.

However, they are quite sufficient for our storage purposes; there are several levels to them and they will be quite sturdy if we use a bit of glue amid the assembly process.

After we have them together, we must decide what we want to use to fill them. By examining the directions we see that the items which are heaviest should be stationed on the bottom.

From there, we build.

Mapping Out Weight Loss, Creating Healthy Menus

Think of the shelves as your map - or plan for ridding those unwanted pounds. When we put it into play, we will build it upon the tried and true Food Pyramid.

Based on the daily recommendations, the Grain Group requires the most servings with the base dietary needs set at a minimum of six per day.

It is like-unto the lower level - or the base of our shelving.

And it's very important that we balance the foods and beverages that we eat and drink throughout our day - or otherwise, we risk a collapse which requires us to either build from scratch OR to walk away.

Diet Now OR Face Future Laments of What Could Have Been

The negative involved in walking away is that at some point in the future we'll want to return and start from scratch.

The unwanted weight will keep bugging us and there will be times when we'll decide that we want to finally do something positive in ridding it - in achieving a higher state of health.

And the best method for avoiding a total re-build is to keep our plan strong to begin with - to avoid a collapse issue.

We can accomplish such not only by making wise use of the pyramid, but also by branding our plan.

Ways to Brand & Personalize

Healthier, Leaner Recipes

Try putting a twist on your favorite recipes by making them lean towards lean. Before adding foods which contain fatty ingredients to your recipe, think first before doing such.

For example, can you live with mashed potatoes that contain skim milk rather than cream? What about reduced fat or light varieties of margarine rather than butter?

Making small changes lead to big results which equal a looser belt, a thinner neck, skinner knees and a much smaller abdomen.

If we only had the capability of suddenly being popped down to our recommended weight then it would be so much easier to reach for those healthier, lower calorie foods that would assist us in maintaining our trim shape. But we don't have that ability.

However, we can imagine such in our minds; we can imagine that we are at our ideal size - that we simply must be patient and allow our body time to get there where our looking glass is concerned.

The Activity Factor, Vital for Permanently Ridding Body Fat

While healthy foods and drinks are essential to achieving a trimmer shape, exercise is also part of the total Fitness Equation. Therefore, strive to develop a personal activity routine to the beat of your favorite flavor of music. With every step, every hop and sway - you're burning precious energy and doing such in turn ramps up the rate of weight loss. 1 Week Diet


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