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Low Calorie Natural Foods

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Foods that assist with fat loss while adding health.

The following are generally considered 'free foods' as they contain minimal calories, yet most are high in nutritional value.

Note that they are all as close to nature - as close to the state as when they were harvested? This is key in keeping caloric content low.

Once most foods become victimized by commercial processing, it's too late to go back....

Super Food List

Carrots for Eye Health, Vitamin A Benefits

Orange and beautiful on a white or blue plate when steamed until tender and juicy. Try shredding them and adding a spoon of reduced fat Miracle Whip or Mayo along with a few dried cranberries or your favorite variety of raisins - dark or golden both work exceptionally well.

Cucumbers, Soothing to the Eyes

You can use leftovers for soothing tired eyes; just place a thin slice over closed eyes, lay back and relax.

Radishes, Low in Calories

One of the easiest vegetables to carve and beautiful appetizer trays. Some cultures slice radishes in a thin state and use them in stir fry recipes.

They come in several different sizes - from long white-to-beige colored to tiny, red and round. When sliced thin they add a burst of flavor to salads.

Fresh Green Beans, Filling But Low in Fat & Calories

Fresh varieties taste much differently than canned or frozen. During the spring and summer months of the year, they are readily available.

Try cooking them by boiling - and add a slice or two of lean bacon to the pot as they cook. Also add salt and pepper; remove the bacon strip before serving.

Celery, a Natural Diuretic

Enjoy by itself or fill with reduced fat pimento cheese or whipped cream cheese. Stuff a few dried cranberries into the cream cheese and you'll have a low calorie delicacy.

Cauliflower, a Member of the Cruciferous Family

Can be served raw in salads or as a healthy snack or in a cooked state. Be careful not to overcook; because it tends to be thick - the cauliflower will hold a lot of heat, even after the fire is turned off.

Therefore, it will continue to cook and mushy cauliflower isn't the tastiestvegetable on the planet.

Cabbage, Packed With Dietary Fiber Benefits

Many varieties although the green head is the most common.

Shred and add a sprinkle of celery seed, a dash of salt and your favorite low fat salad dressing for a delicious, personalized slaw that goes exceptionally well with broiled, roasted or grilled fish.

Cherry Tomatoes, Lycopene Benefits, Fun to Eat

So tiny - so perfect for salads. Like the radish, they can be carved to create nifty, attractive appetizers that can be filled with diet friendly foods such as skim varieties of cottage cheese.

Lycopene is a power antioxidant which supports cell health.

Mushrooms, Multiple Varieties Low in Caloric Content

Selections are plentiful due to so many different types. Try leaving them whole and roasting on the stove top in a bit of Worcestershire sauce. Add to stir fry recipes - or brush with extra virgin olive oil and roast in the toaster oven.

'Lettuce' Lose Weight

Perfect in creating delicious, healthful salads for dieters.

The following foods are low in calories and can help curb appetite while dieting.

1. 1 large plum OR 2 small plums

2. 1 ounce of jerky

3.1 grapefruit sprinkled with a spoon of sugar

4. 1 cup of skim milk blended with 1/2 cup of strawberries

5. fat free, sugar free yogurt - single serving size

6. 2 apricots

7. 1 TEASPOON peanut butter mixed with 1 TABLESPOON of quick oats plus sugar substitute or a bit of granulated sugar. Roll into small balls.

8. 1 large peach

9. 4 whole cashews OR 4 whole pecans OR 4 whole walnuts OR 1 cup of hot-air popcorn OR 1/2 ounce of pumpkin seeds OR 1/2 ounce of sunflower seeds

10. Shred 1 carrot, add 1 TEASPOON raisins (dark or golden) and 1 TEASPOON of LIGHT Miracle Whip


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