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Dead Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to Save Your Dying Diet

Ever been dieting and felt stranded? Does everything suddenly look strange? Do you feel uncomfortable, as if you are lost in a forest with no fat-free bread crumbs in sight?

If so, this is a very common experience that many individuals feel amid the fat trimming process. With nothing familiar in sight, we tend to lose our comfort zone.

Familiar foods from our past, as well as our familiar lazy ways - life just seems so empty now, both in caloric content and in quality time.

If this sounds familiar, then it's time to make some BIG changes before you fall off that famous wall where Humpty once sat as you don't want to break your plan into a million un-glue-able pieces.

Particularly when all the king's men ran off with all the king's horses to feast on plain rice cakes at the OK Coral.

Tips for a Successful Diet

- Drag out the photo box. Viewing old pictures that captured you in either a thin or plump state is a great motivational exercise.

Keep in mind that words can be powerful but it takes a lot of words to explain what one can feel when viewing an image.

And that image has the ability to become stamped into our memory; we can recall it at a moment's notice and review it time and time again should we wish to do such.

If we're viewing a trimmer mirror of our body, then this is something we can work towards.

You may even wish to go a step further and place the image where you can view it throughout your day - whether that special place is on the refrigerator, pantry door or at work, housed in a spiffy frame.

If the image is plump, posting it on the fridge or pantry opening can also assist in changing our direction when it comes to impromptu snacking.

Getting in the Mood & a Healthy Mind Set

- Watch a love story, or a dance piece that you enjoy. Viewing romantic scenes as well as elegant dancers is a great motivator to keep losing.

Take this tip into a deeper direction by dancing with the music or enroll in a dance class.

Keeping active can certainly peel away those unwanted layers of fat which strengthening the heart, muscles, bones - and other areas of the body.

- Take a walk in a pretty area and get in touch with your senses. But do such on a full tummy.

Thinking about jumping off your plan when you're in a hungry state is a no-brainer.

You don't want to wake on the morrow and think about the failure you experience on the day before due to a binge. And once that happens, individuals are highly unlikely to continue their plan.

- Think about new foods that will empower your diet while satisfying your Comfort Zone.

As to the discarded 'lazy' ways from your past, relaxation is also a huge part of the weight loss picture and necessary for optimum health - so don't discard it entirely!

- Choose well-balanced meals that include all the foods and beverages housed within the official Food Pyramid and keep them as simple as possible.

While you may currently enjoy a stick of butter on your cob of corn along with 1/2 a shaker of salt, with time you may come to prefer it in its natural state - without a single additive.

Thinking Outside of the Box for Stellar Results

- Incorporate FUN activity such as hiking, flying a kite, roller skating, hula-hooping and jumping rope.

At times we have to pull from our childhood, reach into our bag of hidden tricks and pick things to do that make us happy, that make us smile - and which make losing unwanted pounds a whole lot easier.

- Get those essential 40 winks PLUS be sure to enjoy a relaxing activity such as reading a good book.

Relaxing activities not only help one to relax, they also help to keep the mind from thinking about eating. Just be sure that if you choose to read anything related to food or drink - such as a cookbook, that you do such on a full tummy.

Losing weight doesn't mean that we must discard our past - only those excess pounds.


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