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Detox Diet Review

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Detox Diet, Fad Diet Plan for Fast Weight Loss

There are a lot of products on the market - as well as on the net these days intended for detoxifying the body.

We have a popular formula for body detoxification below that should only be considered for informational purposes and which is the base for traditional detoxification plans.

The Body and Toxins, Risks Associated With Detox Diets

The process of body purification is a delicate one - one that plays with the balance of the body, and a process that should only be done with the advice of a qualified individual.

A detox diet should never be attempted without supervision and recommendation by a qualified doctor or health care professional.

When the electrolytes sodium, calcium and potassium become imbalanced within the body, it sets the scene for very serious health issues and risks, among those death.

While weight loss is desirable to deal with overweight and obesity issues, safe weight loss should be first and foremost. And because this diet allows the individual to eat as much fruit as they wish, it sets the stage for weight gain rather than weight loss.

Formula for Detoxifying the Body

The following recommendations tend to accompany these detoxification type plans:

Phase One of the Detox Diet

1. Fast (no food) for three days drinking only purified water. Activity level should be light.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this situation sets the stage for disaster, particularly where state of health is concerned.

In addition, individuals who have certain medical conditions - including individuals with hidden conditions are placing their body at a high risk for health issues, including death.

A fasting diabetic, heart or kidney patient is a ticking time bomb.

Phase Two of the Detox Diet

This step involves 10 days of eating fruit and nothing but fruit -  but the it must be the same type.

Example Breakfast Menu: This meal plate might consist of grapefruits, oranges and lemons - all of the citrus variety. Eat freely.

The plan also entails drinking a cup of carrot juice before evening meal. Again, the dieter must eat only one type of fruit and may eat as much as they want.

For argument's sake, let us assume that this method cleanses the body from all toxins - and take note that some individuals swear by this process. However, this method makes a very poor mode for losing fat as it encourages eating all the fruit that one desires.

It's not without calories and most specimens are very high in caloric values when compared with raw, natural vegetables.

For example, let's look at some various fruit group selections on a per cup basis based on caloric content. The values can add up quick quickly with some selections, leading to weight gain rather than loss.

Fruit Selection

Kcals Per 1 Cup

Banana, Sliced = 134

Apple, Chopped = 65

Avocado, Cubed = 240

Pineapple Chunks = 82

Mango, Pieces = 99

Pear, Cubed = 93

Papaya, Pieces = 62

Coconut, Shredded = 283

Blueberries, Whole = 84

In Summary

Diet Bites does not endorse this fad diet and believe that it can do more harm to the body, than good. The human body is well-equipped in dealing with toxins and does such in a natural manner.

Upsetting the balance can trigger negative results that may even cause permanent damage.

If you wish to know more about body detoxification, your doctor is your best source of information. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice from a qualified health care professional. 


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