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Gluten Free Diet Plan Review

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What is Gluten and who does it impact?

First we must start by defining elements of this plan as it is specifically targeted towards particular individuals.

It is a protein found in some foods that may lead to certain diseases of the stomach and skin, but only in certain individuals, specifically those with Celiac Disease which is also known as Non-tropical Sprue and Celiac Sprue.

This disease effect about one is every 5,000 individuals residing in the United States alone.

The first signs and symptoms of the disease are generally noted in infancy when gluten-based foods and drinks are introduced into the daily diet.

A protein identified as Gliadin is embedded within certain foods, grains in particular - and it combines with antibodies inside of the digestive tract, thus damaging the walls of the small intestine.

In addition, the absorption process of vital vitamins and minerals - particularly starches, fats and sugars - is interrupted.

Symptoms of Celiac Disease

Children with this hereditary disorder often experience the following symptoms after ingesting foods containing gluten: bloating, abdominal cramping including diarrhea, mouth sores, increased risk for infection, stunted growth, anemia, skin issues such as dermatitis, pale and foul-smelling stools which may float due to high fat content.

Because so many common foods contain gluten, it's very difficult planning meals that are free of such.

Examples of foods containing gluten include: almost all bread-stuff such as cakes, rolls, muffins, breads, baking mixes and bread crumbs.

Keep in mind that many foods are commercially prepared with bread crumbs, even cuts of meat at the market place such as meatloaf and sausages.

Foods that contain the gliadin protein that might be a bit surprising for some are beer (it's made from barley) and communion wafers that are used in many religious ceremonies.

One kid-favorite food is cereal, but it is mined with gluten - as are many foods created especially for children such as pudding that may be thickened with flour.

Foods to Avoid on the Gluten Free Diet Plan

The Gluten Free Diet - and take note that there are several on the market, basically advices avoiding the following foods and drinks: alcohol, wheat, rye, breads, pasta, cereals, cakes, barley products, foods that make use of offending thickeners including some soups, sauces, salad dressings (pure Mayo excluded), meatloaf, frankfurters, sausages, beer, malted drinks, and chocolate milk.

However, there are so many more foods which have the gliadin protein which impacts those with Celiac Disease.

Simply avoiding this list of foods won't work for these individuals. In addition, one food that was formerly included on the 'avoid' list was oats which has been shown through studies and analysis to be free of such.

Take note that in some individuals they may trigger symptoms of the disease but oats have been found to be well-tolerated by many individuals with this disorder as prescribed in their diet by their qualified doctor.

Foods to Eat on the Gluten Free Diet Plan

Contrary to popular assumption, foods and drinks that reside on the 'avoid' list can actually be enjoyed in their gluten-free state. Other foods that tend to digest well include: eggs, fish, meat, poultry, low fat milk, vegetables, fruits, legumes, potatoes, and rice. Baked foods, breads and cereals should be prepared from corn, potato, soybean, tapioca, rice and buckwheat meal or flour.

In Summary

Before going on this restrictive plan to lose those unwanted pounds, the individual should discuss such with their professional doctor as the Gluten Free Diet. While a patient who suffers from a Celiac disorder may require foods prepared in a different manner, those who do not can certainly eat freely at Mother Nature's bountiful table.

Another negative to this diet plan is the cost of foods involved. They are quite expensive in comparison to the common products.

In addition, there is the concern that complex carbohydrates are almost eradicated from the daily diet with this mode of losing pounds. Although carbs have been getting a bad wrap lately (no pun intended), carbohydrates supply quick energy and are vital for optimum nutrition.

If you are suffering from a stomach or skin ailment and suspect that foods lacking the Gliadin Protein might help your condition, consult with your doctor for a professional diagnosis and recommendations.


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