Low Calorie Recipes

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Recipes for Your Diet Plan

The Diet Bites diet recipes are prepared with 'normal' ingredients that are found in most kitchens.

You won't need vanilla goat milk or other exotic products to prepare these tasty love-kins!  Low in fat, low in calories - tasty good!  

We have a regular stockpile of delicious recipes that are low in fatty acid content - and which can fit perfectly into almost all healthy weight loss plans.

The following are just a few of our favorites. Tips and diet-related articles are located at the links residing in the left hand column of this page.

Indian Bread - An easy 3-ingredient bread recipe for dieters.

Stuffin' Muffins - Delicious low calorie recipe for Stuffin' Muffins. Prepared in your microwave.

The Diet Beast Feasts Upon Yeast - A low calorie pita pocket recipe.

Peachy King Flatbread Recipe - Perfect for breakfast, snack time or any time. We make use of flour tortillas in this flatbread recipe to save time in the kitchen.

Recipes that are low in caloric content & dietary fat grams.







Peasant Bread - An easy 4-ingredient bread recipe that is simple to make.

Healthy Recipes - How to Lose Weight with low calorie healthy recipes. Tons of tips for dieters seeking permanent weight loss results.

2 Lower Calorie Pie Recipes - Pies to soothe the savage Diet Beast.

Comforting Mushroom Soup - Easy to prepare, so delicious!

Hot Dogs - Tips for trimming fat and calories.

Basic Fruit Pie Recipes - How to make a lower calorie pie.

Skinny Juice Recipe - One of my favorite original recipes that I wanted to share with my cherished readers. It's so pretty!

Bread Pudding - One of all-time favorite foods without all the calories and fat grams. Can be prepared in the microwave in about 5 minutes with minimal ingredients.

Enchiladas Jose - Easy as pie and reduced calories so it can fit into a diet plan.

Chocolate Bread - This is more like a dessert than a sandwich bread. This recipe was inspired by a trip we took to Maine one year. I had never had chocolate bread...and oh my, it's divine.


Weight Loss Tips

A Pedometer to Monitor Steps Walked Amid Exercise

1. Invest just a few dollars in a pedometer or an inexpensive device that will count your steps as you walk. Set a target for activity, such as, "I'm going to walk X amount of steps today."

Keeping Healthy by Washing Fresh Foods Before Eating or Cooking

2. Be certain to thoroughly wash fresh fruits and vegetables before eating to remove harmful bacteria (and loose sod) because no one likes a sick dieter.

Stir fry Vegetables, Very Minimal in Calorie Values, High in Nutritional Content

3. Enjoy a healthy Chinese or Japanese-style dinner featuring diet-wise stir fry, steamed rice, assorted sauces, and a bowl of fortune cookies. Plan to eat without shoes on and on the floor. Dust off your chopsticks while you're at it.

Using Your Good Sense in Setting Times for Exercise

4. If your lunch is scheduled for 1/2 an hour, enjoy your lunch and plan to either exercise before or after work rather than fitting it in now.

However, if your job contains minimal activity and you feel a need to move about, a walk would help to revive you as well as work favorably towards weight loss.


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