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Miso Soup Recipe

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Miso, An Excellent Soup Recipe for Dieters

About the only reservation that we have with this soup is that it tends to be high in sodium content due to the seaweed ingredient.

Per cup it is minimal in energy values at 90 kcals.

When you add the seaweed to the boiling water, it should cook a minimal of five minutes - preferably more because this will assist in drawing out the salt and fishy flavors which can be off-putting.


Recipe Ingredients for Miso Soup

4 cups of boiling water

1/3 cup of miso

4 green onions OR scallions, sliced very thin

1 Tablespoon of shredded wakame, seaweed or nori

6 ounces of silken tofu which has been cut into 1-inch cubes

Dash of Soy Sauce

1 Tablespoon of Sesame Oil

1 cup of bok-choy

1 cup of shiitake mushrooms

Picture of miso soup.Use the sesame oil to sauté the bok-choy and shitake mushrooms as the water boils.

Add the seaweed to the boiling water and continue to cook as directed above.

Add the remaining ingredients, including the vegetables and cook until the miso is fully dissolved.

If you're a dumpling lover you can also add a few to the soup but do be careful as they will increase the caloric values.

Caloric Values of Miso Soup Recipe Ingredients

Energy Values Based on KCALS

Miso, 1 cup cooked


Green Onions, Spring or Scallions, 1 cup sliced


Seaweed, 2 Tablespoons


Tofu, Silken & Soft - 1 piece


Soy Sauce, 1 Tablespoon


Sesame Oil, 1 Tablespoon


Bok-Choy, 1 leaf


Bok-Choy, 1 head OR bunch


Shiitake Mushrooms, dried - four


Shiitake Mushrooms, raw - one


Shiitake Mushrooms, stir-fried, 1 cup sliced


Dumplings, four


Wonton Wrapper, 3˝" Square, for one


Egg Roll Wrappers, 7" Square, for one


Dieters Tips for Soup

1. Keep a close eye on the sodium content. Too much salt in the daily diet can lead to false pounds as salt encourages water retention issues.

2. Experiment with various spices to keep bland out of your plan.

3. Ensure that the types of proteins that you add to your soups are minimal in fatty acid content.

4. Vegetable proteins make far superior choices over animal proteins.

5. Enjoy a bowl of low calorie soup before your main course at meal time and save calories. You won't eat as much of the main course which tends to be much steeper in calories than soups, even the cream based varieties.

6. The following soups compliments these recipes and/or main courses:

A. Mexican foods such as tacos and chalupas pair well with tortilla or spicy pepper soup.

B. Tomato soup goes well with most sandwiches and wraps.

C. Potato soup compliments Southern cooking such as meatloaf.

D. Carrot soup makes an excellent pairing with pot roast.


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