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Fat in Dairy Products

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Tips for Trimming Dairy Fat in Your Diet

One ingredient that comes to mind when we review the Dairy Food Group is cream. It's very rich in fat and caloric content - and it's part of many selections found in this group - from ice cream to cheese.

1. One method for trimming the fat from your favorite selections is opting for the reduced or light varieties. Seems simple, right? But when a Whole Milk lover has to evolve from whole to skim, the flavor can be quite off-putting.



Skim vs Whole Dairy Products

2. Whole milk is very rich in flavor and the texture is very creamy, very smooth. On the other hand, skim or reduced varieties tend to appear watery and can hold a chalky flavor.

3. At my humble abode, my husband is one of the milk lovers.

And he doesn't like the reduced options - rather the whole varieties of dairy products, particularly when it comes to milk. I prefer the skim because my father raised black Angus cows at one point in my life, and I can literally 'taste' cow in full-blown milk.

And of course, I am concerned about caloric content. Being five foot even and shrinking as I age - I can't maintain my healthy weight easily when I input too many high-energy foods into my eating plan.

So we reached a solution between us - my husband and I. When our budge allows we purchase me a small container of the skim and he buys a gallon of the whole.

On most weeks, we meet in the middle and opt for 2% variety. When I'm not looking, he'll put the whole into the cart. Lucky for him that he's so handsome....

Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream Tips

4. When it comes to cottage cheese, I don't like the reduced fat versions - so we'll get the regular. I feel the same about sour cream. While the skim version contains about half the calories, a serving of regular holds only 40 kcals.


Based on Grams, 1 Oz Unless Stated

Cheese Sauce per cup


Ricotta Cheese, whole milk per cup


Condensed Milk per cup


Fast Food Vanilla Shake, 16 fluid oz


Soft Serve Ice Cream, 1/2 cup


Eggnog per cup


Cheddar Cheese


Camembert, 1 wedge


American Cheese


Cottage Cheese per cup




Blue Cheese


Swiss Cheese





Good Choices Versus Poor for Your Diet Plan

With all of this said, at times settling for a middle point rather than opting for total-skim makes a good decision.

And for some selections, only the full-blown will do.

Just be sure to include the amount of those energy values in your daily totals to ensure that you stay on track with your fat reduction plan.

Your Diet Plan, Calories & Fat in Dairy Products

Calories do matter - as does fat content. Calories influence our body weight the fat influences the way in which extra pounds are distributed onto the body.

Those fats to avoid in not only dairy selections - but all foods are saturated and Trans, the two top offenders along with cholesterol.

Although all of the dairy products in our data chart are rich in lipid content, when enjoyed in moderation they can be part of your weight loss plan. Limit the fattier selections, embrace the leaner and your body will mirror your wise choices.

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