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Proteins High in Fat

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Protein Selections Containing Most Fat

Unfortunately, not all food selections are good sources for healthy protein. Many contain considerable amounts of fat, making them too heavy to insert into a healthy weight reduction plan.

Sure, the leaner cuts tend to be much higher than the fattier offerings - but on the other hand, they don't cook down as much either.

Those highest in total fatty acids are the animal proteins.


The rib-cut of meats is a significant source for cholesterol, saturated fat and Trans fat.

Beef, lamb and pork ribs are exceedingly rich in protein but they are also rich in total fat. Three ounces of pork spareribs contains more than 25 total grams.

Other selections to watch for unhealthy lipid content include poultry, ground beef and the organs of animals such as the liver, heart and giblets.

Liver is often prepared by using thin slices dredged in seasoned white flour which gets fried in cooking oil along with rings of raw onion.

A gravy is then prepared and the fried liver and onion is tossed into the gravy. It's one of the items featured on the "Heart Attack on a Plate" menu.


Based on Grams, 3 Ounces Cooked Unless Stated

Spareribs, Pork - Braised


Rib of Lamb


Roasted Duck, 1/2 a duck


Beef Rib


Chuck Roast


Beef Chimichanga per one


Turkey Giblets, 1 cup


Stewed Chicken, 1 cup


Liver Sausage, 2 slices


Ground Beef, 75% Lean


Ground Beef, 80% Lean


Pork Loin


Cured Ham


Bologna, beef and pork - 2 slices


Dieting Tips for Building Lean Muscle Using Protein

1. When it comes to ground beef, opting for the extra lean variety can slash calories by two-thirds. As a rule of thumb, he lower the amount of energy values, the less fat the selection contains.

2. A bit of fat on a larger cut of solid meat can serve to add flavor without adding a substantial amount of calories. Just be sure to trim off the excess after cooking.

3. Other fantastic sources for protein include: beans, nuts, seeds and many dairy products such as eggs and cheese. Whole grain cereals are also excellent sources.

4. For snack time any of the following selections make good choices for protein: enriched cereals, beef or turkey jerky, roasted meats, roasted pumpkin or sunflower seeds, an ounce of 'real' cheese along with a serving of whole grain crackers, a serving of reduced-sodium, reduced-fat cottage cheese with fruit, boiled egg, your favorite variety of roasted or raw nuts [in moderation] and nut-based butters such as peanut butter.

Fast Food, Fat Foods Stuffed With Protein Grams

While fast food menu selections can pack a lot of protein values, these healthy benefits are often negated due to extreme fatty acid content. Let's look at just a few of the unhealthiest selections which should be avoided while dieting....or not.

Keep in mind that triple meat, triple cheese and triple Mayo tend to add up to equal quadruple by-pass.

1. BK Triple Cheese Whopper: It's loaded with protein - 71 grams but it's also loaded with tons of fat at 82 total grams. With 1230 calories, 1550 milligrams of sodium, 225 milligrams of cholesterol, 32 grams of saturated fat and 2 grams of Trans fat - do you really want to put this much fat into your belly? BK has many other selections on their menu which can fit much better into your weight loss plan.

2. Taco Bell's Cantina Double Steak Quesadilla: 43 protein grams, 960 calories, 45 total fat grams, 19 saturated & 1 Trans with 115 milligrams of cholesterol and get this - 2070 milligrams of sodium. Someone tipped over the salt shaker in the kitchen. Bad chef....


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