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Dieting? Vegetables Can Assist!

Once upon a time about twenty years ago when I was attempting to lose about 125 unwanted pounds, I found myself with a case of the jitters.

Fact was, I wasn't eating enough.

By being so restrictive I was placing my health in jeopardy, and in looking back I'm actually shocked that I didn't experience heart failure.

One month in March I ate breakfast - and it was my only meal of the day. I was working out like a crazed wombat to top things off.


And yes, the weight came off - and it's stayed off, but I sure could have lost it in a much safer manner. I also lost more than half of my hair and after all these years, it never grew fully back to its original thickness. Thankfully, I had quite a full head - like Rosanna-Rosanna-Danna.

My personal experiences were part of the inspiration for this website which was started so many years ago.

On that note, let's address the amount of fatty acids contained in vegetables. And guess what? We have good news in this area. Aren't ya glad?

Vegetables Lowest in Fat Grams

If you're currently trying to lose unwanted fat, please do not starve yourself like I did. I think I would have lost all the excess much quicker had I embraced a healthy eating plan. Starving serves to invite health woes as well as a decrease in rate of pounds lost.

And you can't get more healthy than a serving of vegetables.

Even corn which tops our data chart below contains a minimal 1.10 grams of total fat.

Dieting Tips for Vegetables, Recommended Servings

1. Purchase the larger bags of vegetables at the market. When a snack attack hits, you can enjoy about 10 ounces of the mixed varieties for about 100 calories - which works out to about 10 calories per ounce. What a deal!

2. Before you started your weight loss plan, if you are like most individuals struggling with weighty issues, you probably drowned your vegetables in sauces, butter, margarine and dressings.

Fatty Foods Combined With Natural Foods Increases Calories

All of these toppings and additives are extreme in fatty acid content and when a food becomes mined with fat the caloric values spike.

For example, take an innocent small baked potato. It contains about 120 calories. But if we top it with cheese sauce, bacon bits, sour cream and butter - the additives are going to far exceed the calories contained in the plain baked potato.

Therefore, by skipping the toppings you'll be able to save calories as well as enjoy the natural flavors and textures of the potato.

Before my massive weight loss, I didn't even realize the true taste of most vegetables. Even now, I enjoy my corn on the cob plain - simply roasted. I may sprinkle it with a bit of cracked black pepper at times, but I always say 'no' to added margarine or butter. And it's so good - those natural, earthy flavors which aren't hidden by fatty foreign objects.

How Many Vegetables Does Your Body Need Daily?

3. Be sure to consume 3-5 servings of vegetables per day as that is the current recommendation for optimum health. You'll need a mix of orange, red and yellow vegetables and lots of leafy greens.

4. You can prepare quick soups from many vegetables in a wink of the eye. The recipe can be found in this Diet Bites article.

5. The following data chart contains selections from the Vegetable Food Group which are highest in fats.


Based on Grams, Per Cup & Cooked Unless Stated

Corn on the Cob


Sweet White Corn


Sweet Yellow Corn


Brussels Sprouts


Split Peas




Iceberg Lettuce, 1 head


White Button Mushrooms


Winter Squash


Turnip Greens






Dandelion Greens


Sweet Potato



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