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Fruits High in Sodium

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Salt Content, Raw or Natural Food Selections

When dieting - or not, your healthiest source for fruit comes from natural selections. Even these hold amounts of sodium, but those levels tend to be extremely minimal.

Highly Refined Foods Tend to Be Highest in Salt Content

Fact: The more refined the food, generally - the higher levels of salt are contained therein.

It's one of the cheapest methods of adding flavor to foods, and manufacturers have always used salt freely - and we feel they will continue to do such, no matter how significant the health issues it poses for the general public.


Foods Highest in Sodium Content

The fruits which contain the most salt include the papaya, cantaloupe, plantain, figs, dates, grapes, watermelon, blueberries and pears.

However, if we were to review the nutritional data with a magnifying glass, we'll quickly see how minimal these values are; the papaya - which tops the data chart below contains a paltry 11 milligrams.

Current Recommendation for Salt Intake

The currently daily recommendation is 2400 milligrams - which is about a teaspoon. Older and younger individuals will generally require substantially less, as will some of the general public.

Health, Sodium Concerns

Those include individuals with blood pressure, kidney and heart issues.

If you fall into this category, be sure to ask your doctor about your intake levels.

The exact amount that your body requires is dependent upon the type of illness or disease you're battling as well as your current state of health.

Diet Tip for Salt

When attempting to drop excess weight, avoid dried fruits, we well as those which are packed in heavy syrups and sugar.

While canned varieties of fruit aren't substantial in salt content, they are excessive when compared to natural fruit.

For example, one cup of canned peaches packed in heavy syrup contains 16 milligrams. One cup of raw, natural slices of peach contains zero milligrams.

Raw Fruits Highest in Salt Content

Amount Based on Milligrams

Papaya, 1 cup


Cantaloupe, 1 cup


Plantain, 1 medium


Figs, 2


Dates, 1 cup


Grapes, Green or Red, 1 cup


Watermelon, 1 Wedge


Blueberries (frozen), 1 cup






Blueberries, 1 cup


Blackberries, 1 cup


Raspberries, 1 cup




Weight Based on Height

How Many Calories Per Day?


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