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Weight Arm Exercises, Women

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Weight Gain, Problematic Areas

Women tend to have problematic areas on the body that differ greatly from males. For example, when men put on excess pounds they tend to bulk-up in the abdominal sections, around the shoulder areas as well as the neck and chin.

Females tend to experience problems in the hips, thighs, abdomen and upper arm areas.

When excess pounds pile on, when the arms are extended inline with the shoulders, sagging skin is often visible. These are commonly referred to as batwings due to their shape.


Arm Issues & Skin Sagging in Older Women is Difficult to Remedy

If you are an older individual, there may be little that can be done to remedy the situation because as we age our skin loses elasticity as well as 'cell repair' abilities.

When Surgery is Necessary

Even after fat loss occurs, the body can be left with sagging skin that even the most aggressive exercise cannot remedy. I'm a living example of that. If you follow Diet Bites then you know that I lost over 100 pounds about twenty years ago - about half of my current body weight.

I was left with areas of skin sag which I still feel are unsightly. They are reminders of that era of my life.

Due to my financial situation, I wasn't able to have surgery. When I was in my forties - I might have opted for corrective surgery. However, I'm now in my sixties and for every time that an individual undergoes anesthesia later in life, health studies have indicated that their risk of Alzheimer's disease is increased. My mother suffers from this - brought on by three consecutive strokes in her early seventies, so at this stage, I don't feel it's worth the risk.

What Surgery Accomplishes

As to the surgery, it can lift the skin after successful dieting.

The under-arm area is much like the abdominal area - the lower in particular which can be left with sagging skin after dieting - which was my situation, as well as the upper arm area. The more fat that is lost - the more excess skin is left behind, and I lost quite a lot of fat.

Because I am very short [barely 5' in height], my pregnancies took their toll on my tummy area, over-stretching the skin. If this sounds familiar to your situation, I know how you feel.

Using Weights to Rid Excess Weight

Using arm-weights is an excellent method for tightening. However, there are modern exercise machines which work much more effectively for this problematic area of the body.

But do keep in mind that the older you are, the less results you'll see. However, the weights serve more purpose than tightening and toning; they can assist in building stronger arms - stronger bones by increasing density.

To use weights, I opt for those that are comfortable enough for me to move freely. Otherwise, if they are too heavy they can cause more damage than good.

One of the most painful ailments that I've ever had was when I strained a muscle in my upper shoulder. I told my husband that it felt worse than childbirth. It's the most pain that I've ever experienced in my life.

I position myself flat on the bed and allow my shoulders to become even with the ledge. I hold my head straight and my arms are inline with my body. I slowly lift my arms straight up while holding the 'dumbbells' and bring them back to where they are hanging off the bed.

As I'm doing this, I can feel a very slight pull of the muscles in my upper arm area - specifically that section beside of the armpit. I repeat 20 times.

In Summary

Whenever you begin a new exercise program be sure to start out slow and work up. Otherwise you'll risk damage to your muscles and tendons.


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