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Eggs & Cholesterol

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Egg Yolks, Egg Whites & Cholesterol

An egg consists of a yolk & a white. Which contains zero cholesterol?

It's No Yolk

The white is cholesterol free.

But that's not all the white doesn't contain.

They are very low in calories and hold only 17 kcals per large specimen.

It's what makes the Egg White Omelet so popular with dieters and for anyone who is health minded and managing their weight.


Quick Diet Recipe for Cheesy Scrambles

For a quick and delicious breakfast or snack - or even a treat for meal times, a scramble can be prepared in your microwave oven. To prepare, whisk two whites with one yolk adding a dash of pepper, salt and milk - or you can use Half & Half for a richer result.

Incorporate about 1/4 cup of finely shredded reduced fat cheese as well as 1/2 teaspoon of light margarine into the liquid and place into the microwave oven. Cook until done.

Total calories for this recipe are less than 150 kcals.

Egg White Omelet Recipe

You can prepare an omelet using only the whites but do take note that it's going to taste pretty bland. To do such, which two whites in a small bowl until they start to form a foam.

Pour into your pan; you can treat it with zero calorie cooking spray if you wish to save more calories. Allow the omelet to cook on one side, then flip so that it continues to cook on the other.

Add salt and pepper as you wish to each side as it cooks.

Adding Vegetables to Omelets

Those prepared with both the whole egg pair extremely well with sautéed vegetables. Our favorite mix include the following:

baby spinach
button mushrooms, sliced
finely chopped onion

Simply sauté the vegetables in a small pan and add to the scrambled egg or omelet mixture before cooking - or add it to the top as it cooks. You can use the cooking spray to prevent sticking or if you wish, a teaspoon or two of margarine which contains about 50 kcals per Tablespoon.

The version prepared with just the whites don't do all that well with added vegetables due in part to the color combination. It's just off-putting to the eyes - but your experience may prove different.

Boiled Eggs, a Low Calorie Healthy Snack

Because the eggs are cholesterol free they make a great snack. We try to keep a few on hand for easy grabs in our refrigerator.

We can eat the boiled whites and the yolks often go to the little critters which live on the edge of our woods. They like eggs too! Because most small animals don't live 70+ years like man [and woman], the cholesterol doesn't tend to build up as quickly in the arteries.

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