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Foods High in Total Fat

Article by Diet Bites


List of Foods Highest in Fat Gram Content

Our top foods that are mined with lipids are posted at the bottom of this article. We would also like to add to that list with the following notes.

Try to keep in mind that when refining enters the nutritional picture, the positives nutritional values of the food take a downward spiral. At times, they crash and splinter into a million pieces.

On that note, let's take a look at some of the top lipid offenders....

Foods Containing Significant Percentages of Fatty Acids

Beware of adding the following foods to your weight loss plan as they are top offenders: pie crust - both flour and graham based, chocolate - white, dark and milk chocolate, fast food breakfast entrees, fast food burgers and fried items, pepperoni pizza, doughnuts, breaded and fried foods such as shrimp, tuna salad submarine sandwiches, nuts - and foods where nuts are the star such as in pecan or chocolate walnut pies, trail mixes, chicken pot pies, snacking chips [almost all are fried], cheese, bacon and sausage.

Prepared Foods to Monitor for Fatty Acid Content

If you're like me, you have several things that you enjoy eating more than others at meal time. As you grow old [like me] you will find that your tastes in foods will change. At times, greatly.

Many of my favorite entrees are on the following list - and keep in mind that all are highly refined foods containing both healthy and unhealthy ingredients. The cooking method will also impact the lipid content. When possible, try to incorporate healthier cooking methods into your weight loss plan and while you're at it, switch out those unhealthier ingredients for healthier ones.

The prepare foods that are rich in fat grams include: cheese, beef, chicken and sour cream enchiladas, lasagna, chicken Alfredo, supreme style deep crust pizzas, meatloaf and hamburgers prepared with fatty ground beef, chicken and dumplings, chicken pot pie, Monte Cristo sandwich, bologna sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, cream-based soups, fried chicken, fried steak fingers and country gravy, chicken fried steak, fried liver - or even braised liver, sausage biscuits, bacon and eggs - and cheese ravioli.


How Much Fat Does Your Daily Diet Contain?

While dietary fat is vital to optimum state of health, too much can create issues, particularly over time.

What is Total Fat?

Total Fat is a compilation of several different varieties of fatty acids. These include: cholesterol, Trans, saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated.

Some are healthier sources than others.

This is just one reason why it's important to examine oils that are used in meal preparation before purchasing. Pay careful attention to the fat distribution. Those that are high in saturated are the most offending. Best choices include: canola, peanut and extra virgin olive oil.

Solid vs Liquid Fats

Fats that remain in solid form at room temperature aren't the healthiest choices.

If you're a fan of fast foods, beware of the total fat content. The top offenders include burgers containing two or more ground beef patties, two or more slices of cheese, piles of bacon and those which are loaded with full-blown Mayo.

In addition, fried selections are going to be extreme in fatty acids which can impact circulatory health over time. Generally, we're not just placing natural foods into the deep-fryer, rather those which have been coated with other ingredients - or battered. After they are finished in the deep-fryer, these foods are frequently paired with a dip, sauce or gravy which introduces even more fatty acids into the eating plan.

Solid Foods, Most Total Fat

Based on Grams

Fast Food Egg Sausage Biscuit


Fast Food Taco, 1 large


Shredded Coconut Meat, 1 cup


Fast Food Hamburger, small


Ricotta Cheese, 1 cup (whole milk base)


Fried Shrimp, 6 large


Cheeseburger, small


Fast Food Chicken Fillet Sandwich


Tuna Sub, 6"


French Fries, large order


Pecan Pie, 1 slice


Sweetened Condensed Milk per 8 ounces


White Sauce, homemade - per cup


Fried Clams, 3/4 cup


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