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Foods Highest in Saturated Fat

Article by Diet Bites


2 Food Groups to Monitor for Saturated Fat

Proteins and dairy selections are the two groups that you will need to monitor for the unhealthy lipid content.

The grain, vegetable and fruit groups are naturally minimal in content - at times containing zero amounts.

However, if we aren't enjoying the foods housed within these groups in their natural state, the situation quickly changes.

For example, fast food onion rings contain 7 or more grams per serving while a cup of chopped raw onions contains only 0.67 grams.

The reason why proteins and dairy are so rich in this type of lipid is because they contain foods produced from animals. Animal proteins are naturally high in saturated fat, as well as Trans.

There are a few exceptions in both the vegetable and fruit groups which we will highlight below. You can continue learning more about the impact of the unhealthy lipids on the body with this Diet Bites article.

Proteins Highest in Saturated Fat

Animal proteins are naturally high in saturated fat, as well as Trans. Let's take a look at the selections which contain the most grams per recommended serving size:

1. Rib of Lamb, 3 ounces contains 11 grams.
2. Beef Ribs, 3 ounces contains 10 grams.
3. Pork Spare Ribs, 3 ounces, 9.5 grams.
4. Chuck Blade Roast, 3 ounces, 9.2 grams.
5. Fried Shrimp, about 6 large contain 6.3 grams.

Dairy Foods Highest in Saturated Fat

1. Ricotta cheese prepared with whole milk, over 20 grams per cup.
2. Cheese sauce; one cup contains over 20 grams.
3. Condensed milk at over 16 grams per cup.
4. Full blown eggnog, 6 grams.
5. Ice Cream, 1/2 cup of regular, 6 grams.

Fast Foods Highest in Saturated Fat



One of the healthier fast food restaurants. They put the nutritional values on most of their menu items and they have worked to keep the unhealthier lipids either low or out of their recipes.

Double Quarter Pounder with cheese contains 19 grams.
Big Breakfast with hotcakes, large biscuit - 20 grams.
Caramel Frappe, large size contains 17 grams.

Jack in the Box

Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger, 24 grams
Vanilla Shake, 24 ounces with whipped cream, 36 grams.
Sourdough Jack, 15 grams.

Burger King

Whopper with cheese, 16 grams; Double Whopper with cheese, 24 grams, Triple Whopper with cheese, 32 grams.
Breakfast Platter, 22 grams; Ultimate Breakfast Platter, 30 grams.

Health Note: Shakes and malts. The 16 ounce size will generally hold 13 or more grams, whether chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. When candy bar bits are added the fatty acid values spike.

Fruits & Vegetables Rich in Saturated Fat

1. Coconut Meat contains 13.364 grams per piece which has a weight of only 45 grams. One cup that has been shredded and sweetened contains about 30 grams.

2. Avocado contains 0.603 for the California variety - 1 ounce serving while the Florida variety contains 0.556 grams. 

More Foods High in Saturated Fats

Amount Based on Grams

White Chocolate, per cup


Semi-Sweet Chocolate, per cup


Dried Shredded Coconut Meat, Sweet


Ricotta Cheese, Whole Milk, 8 oz


Cheese Sauce, 8 oz


Condensed Sweet Milk, 1 cup


Pie Crust, 1 shell


Fast Food Egg Cheese Bacon Croissant


Coconut Meat, raw - 1 piece at 45 grams


Vanilla Shake, 16 ounces


Graham Cracker Crust, 1 shell


Ricotta Cheese, part skim per 8 ounces


Fast Food Hamburger, small


Fast Food Cheeseburger & Bacon, small


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