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48 Hour Hollywood Fad Diet Plan

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Questions & Answers regarding this popular fad diet plan....

What is the 48 Hour Hollywood Diet?

The 48 Hour Hollywood Diet is a fad forty-eight hour diet intended to generate dramatic weight loss. One would assume that anything with 'Hollywood' in the title has to be fabulous. However, the 48 Hour Diet is more fad than fab.

What foods are consumed using this diet?

The 48 Hour Hollywood Diet Plan incorporates special oils, fruits, vitamins and minerals which in turn generate dramatic weight loss.

The issue with inserting these foods and supplements into the body within a short time disrupts the body's balance of minerals and vitamins. Vitamin overload can also create major health issues, including death.

Does the 48 Hour Hollywood Fad Diet Plan work?

Because the dieter is more apt to lose pounds in the form of water weight than fat weight, any weight loss may be temporary.  

Once the diet is discarded and the dieter returns to their former daily diet, weight is generally be regained at a rapid rate.

Let's face facts; even if an individual ate zero in 48 hours - the rate of weight loss would not be that significant. For one, the body's metabolism begins to creep at a slow crawl, detecting that something is awry because food isn't coming into the stomach. The body begins its fight for survival; the metabolism slows.

In addition, individuals who go to the doctor or a treatment center are at times placed on fasting diets. If the treatment involves a test for colon cancer the individual is given a solution to clear the intestines.

Even so, weight loss is insignificant and temporary. The body has a built-in mechanism which balances our weight. If you think about it, there are days when you might have a full-blown Mexican meal.

The following day you might have a salad. Whether it's your brain telling you to eat smaller or whether it's simply a coincident that you enjoyed a heavy meal one day and a light meal the next - the body has a way of creating balance where weight is concerned.

Only when we make an effort to markedly decrease calories for several days and/or months does the mechanism kick-in and fat is lost.

Adverse Side Effects & Symptoms of the 48 Hour Hollywood Fad Diet:

The dieter may experience the following adverse side effects and symptoms due to disturbances involving the body's minerals and vitamins:headaches, hunger pains, irritability, and light headedness.

We cannot recommend this fad diet plan for weight loss, nor do we think it's fab in any manner.

Fad Diets - They Ain't Called Fad Diets for Nothing

What is a fad diet? What are the associated risks of unhealthy eating plans?

A fad is anything popular at any given time, including diet plans.

The South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet and the Zone Diet are all fad diets, even though they may contain healthy recommendations to help get the dieter from point a to point b and finally over the Diet Finish Line.

These weight loss plans are considered fad because there is an attractive element or gimmick which attracts dieters to the plan.

The fad diet suddenly goes from unknown to hugely popular almost overnight.

Almost everyone who is looking to drop a few pounds is suddenly on the hot, new fad diet. These type diets may fad as quickly as they arrived or they may become so popular that they stick around for decades.  

While popular fad diet plans have helped many people achieve their weight loss goals, keep in mind that a fad diet is a fad diet and not a cure for obesity.  

However, some fad diets do make losing weight a bit more interesting - with some offering quick weight loss.

Are Fad Diets Safe?

That's the kicker. Most fad diets present grave health risks and for people with certain health conditions - particularly those individuals with hidden health conditions, the consequences can trigger life-long health issues, including death.

Take the high protein diets for example. People with kidney issues are at high risk for health issues as protein releases water from the body. The dieter may see a rapid result in weight loss but it's in the form of water loss rather than fat loss.

Dieter beware, but don't be square! And always get your doctor's approval before beginning any type of weight loss plan.


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