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Healthy Snacks Which Assist With Losing Weight

Dieting and need some healthy snack suggestions?

We have three suggestions for snack time that are tasty, filling and very low in calories. So yes you can lose pounds and have your snacks too!

Fruit, Low in Calories So When Dieting You Can Eat a Lot of Food For Minimal Energy Values

Show us what's behind Curtain #1

Oh my - it's healthy frozen fruit!  An entire 20 ounce bag of frozen strawberries contains less than 200 calories.

And for any other fruit that you er....pick, caloric content is minimal as long as the fruit isn't sweetened with sugar. The added bonus for frozen fruit and dieters?  

It takes a long while to eat frozen fruit. In addition, you can add no calorie sweetener if you like your fruit a bit sweeter - for zero calories of course.

I enjoy slicing a banana into thin slices and placing them on wax paper before transporting them to my freezer.

About thirty minutes later I have a cold, delicious and satisfying snack for minimal calories. And banana is rich in B-vitamins and potassium.

Did we mention that frozen fruit is packed with vitamins? Let's take a look at the nutritional values for unsweetened strawberries.

They contain about 50 calories per cup, about 1/2 gram of protein, are virtually fat free while rich in potassium content at 220 milligrams. They are also low in sodium at 3 milligrams and contain a significant amount of dietary fiber - over three impressive grams. They even offer calcium benefits at 24 milligrams.

Frozen Vegetables, Enjoy About 4 Cups of Mixed Vegetables for About 150 Calories

When we're not in the mood for fruit, what about frozen vegetables? A medium-size bag typically holds on 150 calories. That's quite a lot of food - and it's food that you can feel great about eating because it's very healthy.

Your body requires 3-5 servings - or cups of vegetables every day to ensure good health. Each day should include leafy greens, as well as the colorful vegetables like orange carrots, yellow squash, orange pumpkins and green broccoli.

Popcorn is Healthiest for Your Weight Loss Plan When Hot-Air Popped, With Minimal Added Fat

Show us what's behind Curtain #2

Oh my - it's healthy air-popped corn with no calorie butter spray. Ultra low in calories, high in fiber - and guaranteed to make your taste buds go from dull to dynamite in a split second! Less than 25 calories per cup - WHAT A DEAL!

For sweet corn, pour popcorn in paper bag; add butter spray; sprinkle with ground cinnamon and Splenda; and shake!  More diet tips on how popcorn can help you lose weight.

Gelatin in Sugar Free Form is Extremely Low in Calories

Show us what's behind Curtain #3

Oh my - it's healthy sugar-free gelatin!  And what's that little white fluff on top? Why it's a dollop of light whipped topping OR you can use real whipped cream, either homemade or from the can for even less calories.

Light whipped cream contains a scant 15 calories per serving and it tastes so rich and lovely in comparison to frozen whipped topping. And it's the 'real' deal, too so your body is able to process it easily.

Sugar free gelatin contains 10 calories per serving. If we add the 15 calorie topping we can enjoy a delicious snack for only 25 calories.

Oh wow - we have just entered Diet Heaven - do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars but DO collect your weight loss baby!

Weight Gain Caused by Snacking

Teddy snuggles up to three healthy meals each day and is very conscious about potion size, as well as servings.

He is a stickler about activity as well, going out for a good walk each and every evening - rain, shine, sleet and.....  Well, not hail. He's health-minded, not an idiot.

But health-minded Teddy is experiencing a problem with weight gain lately.

 How could this be?  Particularly with his meal portions in control - and the brisk exercise.  

Teddy continues to ponder the cause of his weight gain as he snacks on a package of low fat apple rings, quite tasty at that.  His wonderful wife, Felicia picked them up at the market a few weeks ago and Teddy's been hooked on them ever since.  

Whoops - Could Over-Snacking be the Cause of Teddy's Weight Gain?

In looking at Teddy's apple package, the label states that there are 200 calories per 12 rings and he has been quite vigil when it comes to snacking these days.

It all goes to show that even healthy snacks can produce unwanted weight gain.  

In Summary

Teddy should switch back to his healthy raw apple rather than the dried apple snacks.  He can enjoy one nice apple for about 80 calories, a true bargain when compared to the dried apple ring calories.

Weight Gain Caused by Portion Sizes

There are a lot of foods that are light in calories such as most vegetables, particularly when enjoyed raw without any butter, cheeses or cream added.  Not the same can be said for all foods.  Take pasta....

Just one extra helping of pasta will cost you about 200 calories.  And that's for a tiny cup.  Add sauce and meat and we've got even more calories to contend with.  Make that chicken Alfredo and we're already out of the ball park.

If we could think of our bodies as a car that runs on fuel we might think twice before overfilling our tanks. The smell of the food, the way it looks, the way it tastes - sometimes it is very difficult to resist those second helpings, even when we know that they'll end up as pounds - unwanted pounds at that.

In Summary

Fill up on salads and broth-based soups at meal time to help curb appetite.  A glass of water before meal times may also be of help.

Resisting those second helpings while keeping our first helping to normal portion sizes will help keep our belts buckling on the same notch.  Bottom line:  Avoid larger portions and avoid weight gain.

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