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Snacks That Pack Pounds

Article by Diet Bites

Unhealthy Snacks: Sugar, Fat & Weight Gain

When natural food sources are mined with fat or sugar, the result is an increase in energy values - most commonly known as calories. Where sugar and fat are involved, the increase in energy values are negative rather than positive.

And of course, when you're attempting to lose unhealthy pounds, you're most-likely monitoring the amount of energy values that you're inserting into your daily eating plan.

When fat or sugar enter the nutritional composite, the caloric values can spike significantly.

Keeping Calories Minimal for Snacks While Dieting

In our Snack Chart below we have listed those which are high in calories.

Popcorn, High in Calories When Popped in Fat & When Additional Fat is Added to the Bowl

While popcorn makes a healthy treat when it has been prepared in a hot-air popper, if it's of the microwave variety and plied with butter and salt - that's not going to fit easily into your weight loss plan.

This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the microwave variety. It does mean that if you do you'll need to reduce serving size amount.

Mixed Nuts are Healthy But Due to Fatty Acid & Caloric Content, They Should be Enjoyed in Small Amounts While Dieting

While mixed nuts are packed with proteins and while many contain the healthier fatty acids, they are also very high in energy values. These too should be limited in the daily diet.

Opt for Frozen Yogurt Over Ice Cream to Save Calories

If you enjoy ice cream, try opting for the frozen yogurts. They are quite delicious and minimal in caloric content.

Our List of High Calorie Snack Choices

Based on 1 Cup Unless Stated


Popcorn, caramel-coated, with peanuts


Mixed nuts, dry roasted, with peanuts, with salt added; per ounce


Danish pastry, cheese; per one item


Cake, pineapple upside-down, prepared from recipe; 1 slice


Popcorn, oil-popped, microwave, regular flavor; per 3 cups


Cookie, sugar, prepared from recipe, made with margarine


Brownies, commercially prepared; one brownie


Sweet roll, cinnamon, commercially prepared with raisins


Ice creams, French vanilla, soft-serve


Potato chips, made from dried potatoes, plain - per ounce


Puddings, chocolate, dry mix, regular, prepared with 2% milk


Carbonated beverage, grape soda; 12 fluid ounces



Healthier Choices for Snack Times While Dieting

Picking Fresh Fruits for Minimal Calories

Fruits are one of the best choices for meal time OR snack time, preferably in their natural wrappers. Those highest in calories - at about 100 kcals per fruit include: mango, banana, apple, pear and pineapple.

Those lowest in calories include: apricot, peach, strawberries, melons and kiwi.

What about a small tray of fresh vegetables with low fat yogurt as a dip? Or, a plate of whole grain crackers [about 5-6] served with your favorite fruit & cheese?

Lean Snack Choices for Weight Loss

These include beef and turkey jerky, rice cakes, popcorn cakes, a teaspoon of nut butter spread on a slice of whole grain bread, yogurt and boiled eggs.

Filling in the Missing Nutritional Elements of Your Daily Diet Menus at Snack Time

It's a smart idea to review the foods which you plan to enjoy during the day for meal time. Look for servings which may be missing from your menus and choose to add these selections at snack time. For example, your menus include ample protein, vegetable and grain selections but are lacking in fruit and dairy. At snack time, add a serving of yogurt, or a cup of milk - or even a serving of your favorite low fat cheese. Or, add a fresh fruit - or to get both the fruit and dairy into one snack choice, blend frozen fruit with fresh milk.

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