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Free Diet Planners, Including Our Free 10 Day Diet Plan

Written by Diet Bites

Looking for a way to safely and quickly lose weight?

Have you got an important event approaching and need to look your best?  

Well, donít feel intimidated by the thought of facing your slim-looking cousin Elly a second longer! Youíve come to the right spot.

Diet Bites was the first to offer free weight loss plans online.

Yes, even before those wealthy commercialized weight loss businesses that have all the popular celebrities in televised, billboard and magazine advertisements did such - as well as other online dieting and weight loss sources.

Our free diet plans will work for both males and females and can be incorporated into your current lifestyle.

Our diet plans will NOT require hours of exercise or food calculation.  

So, what are you waiting for? The Diet Bites free diet planners will show you how to lose weight quickly, safely, with very little effort on your part not only today - but in the weeks and months to come.  

Other than your excess weight flying off your body and leaving on its own, you couldnít ask for an easier way to lose weight.

Ruling Out Hidden Health Issues Before Dieting

Before going on any plan it just makes good sense to visit with your doctor. At the time of the visit request the following tests: diabetes, thyroid and cholesterol. Be sure the doctor or his assistant take a blood pressure reading.

Diabetes & Dieting

Diabetes testing is vital before going on a restricted diet plan as the results will impact your daily diet. If heaven-forbid the test is positive, you will be placed on a specialized weight loss plan by your doctor. Sugar will either be eliminated or severely restricted in the daily diet, and fat will be limited. Both are significant contributors to weight gain as both are extreme in calories and offer minimal nutritional values. Keep in mind that fat is essential for good health but minimal is key.

A common misconception regarding diabetics and sugar is that sugar is the direct cause for the disease. In layman's terms, the diabetic has a broken pancreas. All foods transform to sugar as they are processed - but because sugar is sugar, the concentration levels exceed the body's capabilities making sugar an undesirable food for the diabetic.

If the diabetic test is negative, losing weight will significantly decrease your risks for getting diabetes.

Thyroid Imbalances, Metabolic Disturbances Can Cause Weight Gain

The thyroid test will assure that nothing is out of order - that your metabolism is working well and not a factor triggering your weight gain.

Monitoring Cholesterol

As to cholesterol testing, revisit your doctor a few months into your weight loss plan and request a second test to see how your diet has impacted your cholesterol reading. The body is ever-changing, so about every 30 days the chemical composites are different than previous readings.

A healthier cholesterol reading contributes to a healthier heart and circulatory system. And with less weight on your body to carry around, you'll not only experience an improved appearance - you'll also feel better and have more energy.

Losing Excess Body Fat Can Produce a Body With More Energy

Think about this...

- If you are 20 pounds over your recommended weight, if you can lift a 20 pound bag of potatoes do such and think about having to carry it around with you continually.

- If you are 40 pounds over recommended weight, what would it feel like to carry two 20 pound bags of potatoes around continually?

- If you are 50 pounds overweight, if you can lift a 50 pound bag of birdseed or sunflower seed - the amount of weight lifted will give you an ideal of how much weight you're carrying around on your body skeletal frame, a frame that was originally designed to carry x-amount of weight.

- If you are 75 pound overweight, that's like lifting 4 twenty pound bags of potatoes.

- And if you are 100 or more pounds overweight, it's like carrying two 50 pound bags of seed.

The Toll Excess Pounds Takes on the Body: Skeletal System, Vital Organs

Because the body skeletal frame distributes the excess weight so that it can be balanced, it is less noticeable than if the individual were to actually pick up the same amount of weight and haul it around with them. Even so, the weight is there and it takes energy and effort to haul it around, placing a strain on the body's skeletal frame as well as the vital organs.

On that note, we wish you only success as you attempt to lose weight. Begin your diet plan by checking out our free diet planners located below and use them as a pattern for weight loss.  

As a note, there are multiple free diet planners embedded within Diet Bites that you can use as a pattern for dieting. Good luck on your weight loss plan!

 Free Diet Plan 1   Free Diet Plan 2    10 Day Diet Plan

*Special Note: By using the Diet Bites Planners you agree to the terms set forth in the Diet Bites Disclaimer.  Before going on any diet plan, you should always get approval from your personal doctor, nutritionist or health care provider. 

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