101 Sensational Slimming Shakes

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Shake Your Weigh to Weight Loss With Our Original Skinny Shake Recipes

Good MOO’S!  Studies now indicate that dieters who add calcium to their daily diet, lose weight faster than dieters who don’t.

Mmmm – ooohhhhh, delicious, nutritious, thick exotic shakes for your diet. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?  

But not as sexy as you are going to look after indulging in these babies.  

They make an excellent diet companion. They are the cat’s meow, the dish’s spoon, and the Diet in Bites. We think you get the idea!

Now, trimming down is just a shake away.

This original collection of terrific tasting shakes prepared with wholesome ingredients will pack your diet a nutritious punch.  And best of all - they are totally free. Who doesn't like free?

Healthy Beverages for Your Diet Plan, Packing Satiety Power

Skinny shake recipe.If you are like the typical waist watcher, you have discovered that many 'empty’ calories can be found in beverages.

And although beverages are a temporary ‘fill me upper’ those hunger pains soon overtake that short-lived diet reprieve.

Our skinny shakes are prepared with wholesome milk - therefore unlike soda andmany other beverages, they are filled with protein values which can assist in keeping you feeling full for longer periods of time.

Simply put, they pack satiety power.

Healthy Calcium Notes in Our Skinny Shakes

The Slimming Shakes will do more than temporarily fill up your belly.

They will provide essential vitamins, interesting textures, exotic tastes, and will leave your tummy satisfied while providing essential calcium to your diet, thus accelerating your weight loss experience.

They are so low in calories that you can ENJOY them with your meal.  

Or, as an in-between meal treat. Or - a bedtime treat. Or even as a breakfast on the go.

Just check out our Whispering Thongdance shake pictured above. Get a good gawk at those curved glasses – at those glistening rims dotted with luscious strawberries.

Our Skinny Shakes are Minimal in Calories

You can enjoy one shake for about 65 calories OR two shakes for about 125 calories. The ENTIRE recipe contains a mere 250 calories. Just look at how much this recipe produces - all for only 250 calories!

And it’s not only our Whispering Thongdance Shake – you’ll get this much volume with ALL of our shakes. Generous, filling, delicious, all natural servings.

And of course – if you’re a fan of Diet Bites, you know that the magic is within you - so these shakes will intensify that Old Diet Magic.

Here is just one of our spectacular recipes.

Delilah's Flagon Skinny Shake Recipe

Serves 2 for about 100 calories each - What a woman!

Ingredients for Diet Shake:
1 cup of ice cold club soda
1 cup of ice cold sugar free cranberry juice cocktail (40 calories per cup)
1-3 ice cubes
1-4 packets of Splenda or Equal if extra sweetness is desired

Blend all ingredients and pour into chilled flagons. Serve as soon possible.

Wearing a suit of armor is NOT recommended as cranberries act as a natural diuretic.  

- Wal-Mart makes a lovely tasting sugar free cranberry juice cocktail. It’s cheap too! But take note – that’s cheap AND good – the only way to do cheap!!!  

About Our Skinny Shakes

* Shakes are generally 150 calories or less & are EXTREMELY GENEROUS serving sizes.

* They can be enjoyed with a meal, or as a snack.  

* You can even substitute breakfast for one of our delicious shakes.

Healthy Ingredients - Nothing to Purchase Except Milk, Fruit & Flavorings at your local market...

* They are wholesome and healthy because they are prepared with milk.

* The majority of the Skinny Shakes can be prepared in about 2 minutes or less with a minimum of ingredients.

* They are made with terrific ‘normal’ ingredients that can be found in most kitchens. You won’t need to purchase exotic goat or camel milk to prepare our shakes, or grow your own passion fruit from scratch.  

* Nor will you need to purchase an expensive commercial mixer to prepare your shakes.  A simple hand-held electric mixer, a mixer stick, or a blender will all do nicely.

* These delicious beverages can be enjoyed by your entire family (excluding infants and those on a doctor-prescribed weight loss plan of course!).

* They taste wonderfully good!  

You’ll love these recipes: Frank’s Stein, Whispering Thongdance, Eve’s Fig, Tambourine Shake, Jamaican Moonlight, Meet Me in My Hammock, Gold Dust Shake, Delilah’s Flagon, Indian Summer Shake, Hula Stinger, The Earthquake, and our delicious Two Pansies & a Hermit Shake!  

We have Fruity,Tropical, Nutty, Enchanted, Sherbet, Cream, Juice, Candy, Cookie varieties of shakes and so much more with serving tips galore!

* The beverages are not a ‘meal in a can’ although they make a healthy ‘on the go’ breakfast.  Or you can drink with your breakfast, as these are ultra-low in calories.

* They do NOT taste like you’ve swallowed a case of iron or a bottle of vitamins because they contain Mother Nature’s own sweet natural vitamins.

* They are not intended to assist you in starving, by missing a meal to lose. They are intended as a tasty low calorie, healthy treat that can be enjoyed even when you aren't dieting.  You will feel full and satisfied after enjoying one and you’ll feel good about yourself for making not only a healthy choice, but also a delicious choice.

* These recipes are great at parties and holiday get-together's, and they can be whipped up in a snap.  Your guests are guaranteed to go ga-ga over these rich, seductive, luscious concoctions.

Dieting should be fun and yours should be full of treats to help keep you on track with your established fitness goals.

Should you be diabetic, since most of the recipes are sugar free, they may add a sensational spark to your eating plan. Before using, please get the thumbs up from your physician.

We hope that they enhance your weight loss experience - as well as assist you in dropping those unwanted pounds. Skinny Shake Index of Recipes


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