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About Our Three Day Weight Loss Plan

This free diet plan is a three day diet planner and is based on the nutritional needs recommended by the official American Food Pyramid.

Each menu for the day contains about 1,500 calories.

If you have more than 75 pounds to lose, you will need to consume more calories until you slim down. When the body is used to consuming 3000 or more calories per day, slashing values too significantly can serve to send the metabolism in a tailspin.

Be certain to incorporate activity into your weight loss program; we recommend a 10-15 walk each day at minimum per your doctor's approval. And of course, your doctor is your best source for determining your caloric needs which will bring you to your recommended healthy weight.

We also recommend that you drink 6-8 glasses of water daily which will keep your fluids flowing - as well as your vital organs.

Before beginning any diet plan, be sure and get with your physician.

Detailed information on our free Diet Plans can be found here.  

Day 1 of Our Free 3 Day Diet

Breakfast Menu

Oatmeal, one single serving. Use no calorie butter spray and Splenda for sweetening powers OR a spoon of sugar. Total kcal: 150

Also add one cup of low fat or skim milk to your oatmeal for 90 kcals.

Toast goes great with oatmeal, so lets also have one slice - preferable whole grain. Prepare your toast in the toaster, then spray with no calorie butter OR 'pan fry' your toast by spraying with the no calorie butter before placing in pan. This will add 70 calories to your breakfast.

Add unsweetened tea or coffee to your meal.


Today - and for the rest of the diet, enjoy 3 pieces of fresh fruit spaced throughout the day for your snack times.  If your calorie total doesn't equal 200 you can use the excess calories for another snack or treat that you enjoy.

Among our favorite choices include: 2 plums, 1 pear, 1 cup of any melon, 1 medium apple, 1 small banana, 1 grapefruit, 1 cup grapes, 1 cup strawberries OR 3 servings of frozen fruit which can be topped with Splenda if more sweetness is desired.

Lunch - Tuna Sandwich, 2 slices of whole grain bread, 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese, 1 cup of raw vegetables and a light salad.

Prepare tuna salad mixture with 1 small can albacore tuna fish (109 calories) plus 1 teaspoon of light Mayo or Miracle Whip light (20 calories) plus a dash of pickle relish. Use water packed tuna and drain before using. One small can should equal 3 ounces of tuna. With the added Mayo and relish, the kcals bump up to 130.

Serve tuna salad on 2 slices of whole grain bread [140 kcals]. Toast bread if desired.

Enjoy the cottage cheese with pineapple tidbits if desired. Total kcals should equal about 130.

with a few chunks or tidbits of pineapple if desired. Calories are based on addition of pineapple.

Raw vegetable notes: A good mix of vegetables is 1/2 cup baby carrots, 1/2 small cucumber and 1 strip of celery from the whole stalk. Add 1 serving of light salad dressing [35 kcals] for a total of 85 kcals.

Enjoy in unlimited amounts if no creamer or sugar is used. If sugar or Splenda is used in addition to creamer, limit serving size to 1 cup.

Dinner Menu

Roasted Chicken - 150 kcals. Roast one small breast OR 1 thigh OR 3 chicken legs in the oven, the stove top, the toaster oven or on the grill. Enjoy 1 small chicken breast OR 2 chicken wings OR 1 thigh OR 2 legs.

Remove skin and visible fat before eating. To prepare, wash the chicken thoroughly; rub with your favorite mixture of seasonings OR with lemon pepper. You can leave the skin on the meat during the cooking process if desired.

Side Salad for 100 calories. You can personalize your side salad according to your taste. We recommend: 2 cups of shredded or finely chopped lettuce (any variety), a bit of shredded carrot, 3 cherry tomatoes sliced in half or quartered, a few slices of cucumber. Enjoy with 1 serving of croutons (30 calories) and light salad dressing.

Potato - one small baked. You can prepare your potato in the oven by wrapping it in foil - or in your toaster oven OR you can simply microwave. Use no calorie butter spray, salt and pepper for toppings.

Add a serving of light sour cream for 40 calories. Calories are calculated on use of sour cream. If you don't want sour cream and if you don't like the flavor of the butter sprays, then opt for reduced fat margarine and use no more than 40 calories worth. Read labels for caloric content. Total calories will equal about 180.

Roll, Bread Slice or Biscuit: choose one. Opting for whole grains will lend your body more satiety power. 70 kcals.

Tea or Coffee - and this will apply throughout the remainder of this diet planner. For every breakfast, lunch & dinner menu - choose your beverages wisely. If you don't like either - then pick a low calorie beverage. Water always makes a great choice for zero calories. And be sure to drink water throughout your day.


Day 2 of Our Free 3 Day Diet

Breakfast Menu

Eggs & Bacon, one cup of sugar-reduced orange juice [110 kcals], one cup of skim or low fat milk for 90 kcals, 1 serving of any of the following grains for 70 calories: bread, biscuit, English muffin or roll.

Notes for the bacon & eggs: Enjoy one egg prepared any way that you like PLUS 2 slices of microwaved bacon that has been cooked on paper towels to absorb the extra grease.


Chili: 1 cup of low fat canned chili PLUS 1/4 cup shredded cheese + 5 saltines for 350 kcals.

Angel Food Cake topped with 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries for 150 kcals.


Chef Salad - Mix of salad, lean proteins & fruit. Enjoy one salad containing the following ingredients: 1 small chopped tomatoes, 2 slices of your favorite lean luncheon meat chopped; 1/2 small apple chopped with peeling still on; 3 cups of field greens/lettuce.  Add 1 Tablespoon of your favorite light salad dressing. 175 calories.

Add a Diet Skinny Shake. To prepared use 1 cup of low fat milk plus 1/2 cup of your favorite frozen fruit. Blend. Add sugar substitute if more sweetness is desired - or a teaspoon of sugar. 145 kcal.

Also enjoy one serving of whole grains such as a roll or a slice of bread for 70 kcals.


Day 3 of Our Free 3 Day Diet

Breakfast Menu

Grapefruit 1/2 sweetened with a spoon of sugar or sugar substitute for 40 kcals total.

Cereal - 1 serving with 1/2 cup of low fat milk for 175 calories total.

Enjoy one of your whole grain favorites for 70 kcals.

Don't forget to add your fruit snacks throughout your day as well as your beverages.


Tostada/Chalupa Flat Corn Shells: Spread 4 tostada shells with 1/2 cup of refried beans (use 1/2 cup for all four). Add salsa as desired and top all four using 2 slices of reduced-fat cheese that have been divided into 4 large triangles. Place in microwave until cheese melts. Top with a salad mix of chopped lettuce, tomato, and onion if desired. Total kcals equals 450.

Also enjoy 1 cup of strawberries - fresh or frozen for 45 calories.


Sirloin Steak OR Pork Chop: 3 ounces grilled, roasted or broiled. 212 kcals.

Green Beans - 1 cup. 40 calories.

Corn on the Cob OR your can opt for your favorite vegetable - and yes, canned corn will also do nicely. Enjoy up to 160 kcals.

Add your whole grain favorite for 70 kcals.

Also enjoy 1 cup of low fat milk.

DAY 3 CALORIE TOTAL WITH SNACKS (200 Calories) = 1,527


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