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Free Diet Planner Information, 10 Free Diet Menus

Written by Diet Bites

10 Free Diet Planner Menus for weight loss & to assist in developing a healthy eating pattern to keep the weight off forever.

Forming Healthy Eating Habits for Permanent Weight Loss

One of the keys in keeping weight off permanently is to develop a healthy eating pattern.

This doesn't mean that you can't ever enjoy a piece of cheesecake or chocolate or pizza - or any of your favorite foods. In fact, a healthy eating pattern is one that includes all your food favorites in moderation.

Body Weight Based on Caloric [Energy ] Balance

Because weight is based on the amount of calories our bodies use per day, counting calories in the best way to ensure that you reach and remain your recommended weight.

If you're not into calorie counting, then try opting for foods that are closest to their raw state. We'll list a few healthy suggestions below which you can enjoy freely as you lose pounds.

Healthy Foods as Well as Dietary Fat are Vital to Optimum Health

It doesn't take a genius or a weight loss guru to know that a freshly picked apple contains far less calories and fat grams than a slice of apple pie.

Speaking of fat grams - don't make the mistake of trimming all of the fat out of your diet plan. Fat is necessary for healthy skin, hair, nails - and is used to help pad your vital organs against damage.

Everyone Can Lose Excess Fat

One of the most difficult things for new dieters to realize or imagine is visualizing their body in a leaner state. Whether they have been overweight for all their life - or for a long time, it's impossible to look into a magic mirror and see the transformation that weight loss will bring.

They may think that being leaner doesn't apply to their personal situation - that they are destined to be overweight all their life. They may even go on a diet, drop a few pounds or a lot of pounds, then embrace their former naughty eating habits.

If only they would stick to their diet plan until all the weight is gone - how wonderful and liberating that would be!

Because simply said - a strong, leaner, healthy body belongs to everyone! The dieter just has to be willing and motivated to reach their recommended weight, which is easier said than done. Therefore, it is vital to weight loss success that the dieter remain true to their weight loss plan until they reach their recommended weight.

10 Free Diet Menus - A pattern for eating to help develop your eating pattern.

Menu 1 | Menu 2 | Menu 3 | Menu 4 | Menu 5 | Menu 6 | Menu 7 | Menu 8 | Menu 9 | Menu 10 | Free Diet Planner #2

How Much You Eat More Important Than What You Eat for Losing Excess Fat

Keep in mind that it's not so much 'what you eat' but it's 'how much you eat of certain foods'. It's very difficult to overdose on raw (or steamed) carrots, spinach, cucumbers, radishes, cauliflower, apricots, plums, kiwi, beef and turkey jerky, rice cakes, hot-air popcorn, grapefruit, lemons, limes, onions, garlic, chives, parsley, broccoli, celery, cauliflower and jicama - but it's an entirely different story where cheesecake, ice cream, cookies, cake, pies and chocolate are concerned.

Oh my, there is a pattern developing here, isn't there? Could it be that when the hungries knock at our door that if we look through the peep-hole and see those low calorie foods standing there that we should allow them in? And if a big-bad food is knocking, we should send them packing? Yes! This is just one way that we can overcome weighty issues and conquer weight gain. HOWEVER, keep in mind the topic: it's more important to monitor the amount of food you consume than the types of foods you choose to put into your belly. In other words - while the fattier, higher calorie choices aren't best for losing excess body fat, most healthy adults CAN enjoy them while dieting - in moderate amounts.

Before using the sample menus above, you will need to read the detailed information found here:  Planner Guide.  

* Diet Planner 2 has more free menus to assist with weight loss.


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